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Our greatest asset is our incredibly caring and highly skilled staff. Because we are committed to the highest standards of quality care and providing a comfortable experience at Apex Endodontics, you can count on having your needs thoroughly and kindly addressed. We are excited about helping you to have the best experience possible and will take the time to listen and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We realize that we are involved in your health care and that this is an important responsibility and sacred trust. You deserve to be treated with the utmost respect because you and your restorative dentist have chosen to place your trust in our office for your endodontic care and we appreciate your confidence. You will be treated with the gentle care you deserve as your tooth is treated with the highest quality endodontic care available.

 Dolores, Marketing Coordinator & Manager of Inter Office Relations

Business  Manager 
Mesa and Gilbert
Marketing and Public Relations
 Lorena, Scheduling CoordinatorLorena

Front Office Manager Mesa
Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator

Maryanne Insurance Specialist & Scheduling Coordinator

Front Office Manager Gilbert
Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator

Melanie, Scheduling Coordinator
Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator

Jen Social Media Specialist Marketing Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator 
Social Media Specialist
Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator

Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator

Insurance & Scheduling Coordinator


Belinda, Dental AssistantBelinda 
Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant
 Pam, Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

Rebecca, Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant

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